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Thread: Checksum Offloading - 3.0.2

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    Checksum Offloading - 3.0.2

    I was using an old version of TCPOptimizer. Yesterday I downloaded the new version 3.0.2, and configured as optimal and this time I noticed the presence of the Checksum Offloading, I searched many sites about it on Google and know that once enabled, the checking is performed via NIC and not the system, to improve performance. I'm using the VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter VT3065.

    By default the optimal configuration has the Checksum Offloading enabled.
    I monitored my network with Wireshark and it is working perfectly, no errors and correctly identifying the checksum. I don't use the Windows firewall.

    Can I leave this enabled, or should I leave at least as n/a? That would damage my card?



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    Either or would work i think it would be faster if it's disabled since it's not verifing the packets...
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    Both cases are working fine. Should I keep enabled or turn disabled?

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