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Thread: Networking desktop and wirless laptop

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    Question Networking desktop and wirless laptop

    Ok I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to the technical part of computers. I can maneuver around one and browse the web but I am trying to network a HP Laptop with a Windows 7 os to a Dell Desktop that is a windows xp. My connection comes in with a Touchstone telephony modem which connects to the desktop usually. What I have done is run my ethernet cable from the modem to my WESTELL ADSL2 + MODEM ROUTER, which allows my Laptop to work wirelessly. However when I connect a extra ethernet cable to the ports on the back to the desktop, I do not have internet on my desktop. I do not necessarily need to share files between these two computers (however it would be nice) but I would at least like to have them both connected to the internet at one time. Is this possible and how? Thank you all very much for any information you might have in this area.

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    So you have an Arris/Touchstone modem, a Westell modem/router, and 2 clients...

    You should connect the Touchstone modem to the Westell router. From what you describe, you've already done that and your laptop is working wirelessly.

    To get the desktop to work, you should connect a Cat5 cable from the Westell ADSL2+ router to your desktop. Then, check the LED indicators on the router and your desktop to make sure it is connecting properly. Your desktop should have a network icon in the system tray (lower-right corner, by the clock/date).
    Restart the router and the XP desktop after connecting them.

    If you're not getting connected (and your network card is enabled), check the IP addresses of both your laptop and desktop:

    Start > Run > type: cmd
    in the command prompt window, type: ipconfig /all

    Both machines should have similar IP addresses (for example: 192.168.1.x), and the same gateway (for example: The gateway should be the IP address of the router, you can try pinging it: ping

    Your issue may be a bit more complicated since it is possible you're running two routers behind each other (dual NAT devices, each could be a DHCP server, etc.) but it is hard to guess without more details about your exact configuration, IPs, and the models of your modems/routers.

    If both modems are also NAT routers, it may be a good idea to run the Westell as an access point only:

    I hope this makes sense

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    Question Thanks

    THANKS A LOT!!! That worked great! All I had to do was cycle power on the Modems, and restart my computers. Now is there a way I can enable file sharing between the two?

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