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Thread: > 20Mb router ?

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    Andy Cap

    > 20Mb router ?

    I've just changed from > 8Mb to > 20Mb BB
    I'm using a Netgear834GT V 1.03.22

    The speed I'm getting is 12Kbs up from 6Kbs

    The Stats are:-

    Conn speed 153223 448
    Line Attn 22 11.5
    Noise Marg 8.4 23.7

    My question is... would a different/better router give higher speeds?

    Andy C

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    Yes, older routers are bottlenecks on many of todays faster internet connections. And moving towards a current generation router will help improve your speeds.,189/

    Look at the throughput speeds of some of the newer models in the above chart.

    On your current router...I'd look for performance reviews on it, see what it's throughput is, maybe ensure that it has the latest firmware..and go from there.
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