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Thread: Fiber Optic Network

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    Fiber Optic Network

    With Verizon Fios coming into my house I was thinking what advantages would I have by running all fiber or at least some fiber to my PCs. I would like my media center to have a direct fiber connection as well as server and with that only leaves one other desktop so I might as well just run fiber to all 3 machines.

    The only switches i've seen have one or 2 connections for fiber and then rj45 ports from 24 on up. Is there a switch that handles a series of fiber connections like i've mentioned?

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    Why would need fiber to the switch when you could just use copper ,but there is probably a few mid commerical grades that support enthernet and fiber..

    I'm not sure what you are trying to gain buy using fiber when you could just go giga ethernet imho..
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    No advantage to running fiber to your PCs throughout the house, and it'll be wicked expensive. You won't have > gigabit broadband connection, so plain old fast ethernet 100 meg cat5 will be fine. cat5e if you want a gigabit LAN.
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    I agree with mccoffee and YeOldeStonecat.. use Cat-5 or Cat-5e for Gigabit.. way cheaper. I was in one of the "cheap" stores near my house.. and they were selling 60" CAT-5e cables for a dollar a piece. Very Happy.

    The only other thing I will mention about fiber, is that it is a bit more secure as it is usually run underground and its hard to splice / tap into. Also fiber does not radiate emissions , Cat-5 does... that is why some business like it.
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