Kind folks,

I have a couple of questions if I may, mostly regarding a 6-port
Gigafast hub.

1. Does anyone know of any case where (or reason why) the hub would
refuse to forward packets with Class-A IP addresses while happily
forwarding those with Class-C addresses?

2. Is there usually any functional difference between the one upstream
port and the downstream ports on a hub?

FWIW, I have a TCP/IP puzzle of sorts which I actually believe is *not*
the fault of the hub at all, but rather some sort of issue with the
routing setup in a rather unique device I have feeding packets to
(hopefully through) the hub. The motivation for the questions is really
twofold: (1) to try and exonerate the hub more completely, and (2) to
try and expand my rather limited knowledge of TCP/IP a bit more.

Thanks for any input or comments,
Charlie C.
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