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Thread: Promotional USB Flash drive?

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    Promotional USB Flash drive?

    How can you change the properties of a usb flash drive? This thing comes up as a 2 drives, a CD drive and an additional USB drive. Mind you, I am not losing sleep over this, I just want to learn from this. How can I change the properties on it to stop it from coming up as 2 drives? I know they did this for me not to be able to erase their data, but I love a challenge. TIA

    BTW I am running win7 64bit home premium.

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    I'd go to manage computer, disk management...delete both partitions, create one single new partition, and format it.
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    Sounds similar to U3 thumb drives. try this

    i dont have any drives with this so i cant test it, is down, when they come back up you can also try there U3 removal software

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