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> >- Eyesight problems and older users: The average teenager has no
> >problems running a web browser on a cell phone or iPod Touch. The
> >avereage 50+ year old can't see as well and has problem. Tiny
> >keyboards and small target areas add to the problem. The iPad screen
> >is large enough for even the most eyesight challenged user to operate
> >and with an on screen keyboard (with practice) seems quite usable.

> 1. The excellent 10" LED-backed screen on the Acer Aspire One I'm using
> to type this is clear and sharp (ClearType enabled and properly
> configured).

the acer does not have an ips display.

> 2. I personally need a decent keyboard for email, documents,
> presentations, annotations, etc. The iPad "keyboard" just doesn't cut
> it.

maybe for you but not for others.

> >- Computing in bed: While not exactly a mainstream application, it
> >really is awkward and clumsy trying to operate a laptop or netbook in
> >bed. Cell phones and PDA's are possible, but the small screen and
> >keyboard areas make it difficult. With the iPad, she just throws it
> >onto the bed, and pokes at the screen when it says email has arrived.
> >While a conventional keyboard is best when sitting at a desk, the on
> >screen keyboad dramatically reduces the clutter and clumsiness when
> >computing in bed. She does have the Bluetooth keyboard, but finds
> >that it's usually not necessary.

> 3. I find a netbook (like this Acer Aspire One) works great in bed (and
> other odd places), probably because I don't like lying on my tummy,
> preferring to sit up with a machine on my lap, typing on a real
> keyboard.

who said anything about lying on your tummy? it's ideal for using it in
your lap, and there are plenty of tasks that do not require a keyboard
at all, such as browsing, reading an ebook, watching a video and more.

> >In my never humble opinion, the best thing about the iPad is the
> >absolutely gorgeous 1024x768 LCD display. I did a side by side
> >comparison with my assortment of PDA's, netbooks, laptops, and DVD
> >players. The iPad display looks the best playing a movie in bed.

> 4. I took this Acer Aspire One across the street to the Apple store, put
> it side by side with an iPad, and the screen compares pretty well,
> especially given the huge price difference.

it's not a netbook.

why don't you compare it to a desktop computer with a 24" ips lcd
display? crazy comparison, right? so is comparing an ipad and a

> 5. I much prefer Windows, because Windows runs the software I need,
> including Flash, multitasking, etc.

maybe for you but not for others. iphone os devices can do a lot of
things windows cannot.

> >- Use in a vehicle: When one of my neighbors first saw the full size
> >advertisement for the iPad, he cut it out, pasted it to a piece of
> >cardboard, and experimented with where it would fit in his car. I got
> >the clue immediately. It's not the best car computer, but it's good
> >enough for many things (navigation, web surfing, watching videos,
> >music, email, etc). However, unlike the typical iPod player, where it
> >sits on the seat or hump and uses the car radio for control and
> >display, the iPad will end up doing everything and the radio simply
> >provide the audio amplification. Various entrepreneurs are already
> >providing vehicle mounts for the iPad.

> 6. I typically use my Android mobile in the car, with the audio plugged
> into the car stereo aux input, playing Internet Radio or Pandora, with
> Google Maps running at the same time giving me audio turn by turn
> directions while automatically pausing other audio. When a call comes
> in, I can take it by Bluetooth, or by speakerphone, with audio likewise
> automatically paused while the caller comes through the car stereo. And
> it works on the T-Mobile 3G network. Works a treat. iPad would be a
> huge step backwards for me.

the ipad is not a phone. why do you resort to bogus comparisons?

nevertheless, the ipad can do most of that now and will do all of that
with 4.0, although the phone part will be voip (i.e., skype).

plus, an ipad in a car is going to be *fantastic* for navigation. nice
big maps, with plenty of other information at the same time. no need to
flip through multiple screens to get all the info.

> 7. If I should want more computing in my car, a netbook would sit nicely
> on the seat next to me with no bracket needed.

what about 3g data? the ipad has a built in 3g card with the least
expensive data plan and pay as you go, no contracts.

> >Yes, these are niche markets, but they're potentially big ones that
> >are badly served by other devices and computahs.

> I think it's actually almost entirely a matter of cachet, like buying
> pricey bottled water (more on that below).

nope. it's a different tool for a different job.

> >As always, it's impossible to make everyone happy, including me. There
> >were plenty of things I don't like about the iPad that I wish Apple
> >had done differently. The most common complaints are the lack of a
> >camera, lack of Flash, lack of built in SD card slot, and lack of
> >multitasking. The last will be addressed by OS 4.0, but the others
> >are an irritation. There are a few additional complaints and comments
> >that I would like to add to the list.

> 8. This Acer Aspire One has a built-in multi-format card reader.
> 9. This Acer Aspire One has wired Fast Ethernet.
> 10. This Acer Aspire One has 160 GB hard drive.
> 11. This Acer Aspire One has a faster processor.
> 12. This Acer Aspire One has 3 USB ports.
> 13. This Acer Aspire One has printing capability.
> 14. This Acer Aspire One has a webcam.
> 15. This Acer Aspire One has video output.

the ipad has a gps
the ipad has a compass
the ipad has an accelerometer
the ipad has a touch user interface
the ipad is thinner
the ipad is lighter
the ipad has longer battery life
the ipad is faster at a lot of things, even though the cpu clock speed
is less. it's an entirely different cpu architecture.
the ipad also can print, it has video output and having a hard drive
means it's more fragile.

> 16. Gmail on my Android mobile is tightly integrated with everything
> else, better than any other device or email service I know of (including
> Blackberry). iPad (and iPhone) doesn't come close.

that's great if you use gmail. it's not so great if you don't. not
everyone uses gmail.

> As I wrote earlier, why would anyone rationally buy an iPad when (say)
> the Acer Aspire One can be had for only $200 (Newegg Memorial Day sale)?
> Or bottled water in San Francisco, when we arguably have the finest
> municipal water in the world? Probably for much the same reason. ;)

because an ipad does things a netbook cannot, in a way that's far more

plus, comparing a sale price to a non-sale price is ******** too. right
now the demand is far too high for the ipad to go on sale, but once
that equalizes, there will be discounts, as there always are.

as far as the water goes, whatever water you're drinking, there's
something odd in it.