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> And I think that will also be true of the majority of those who have
> gone with non-Apple smartphones on Verizon -- only a small minority of
> the ones I've talked to would actually want to switch to an iPhone
> before their current contract is up.

market surveys say otherwise and who said anything about before their
contract is up?

> Another factor working against the iPhone that's becoming ever bigger
> with the passage of time is the adoption of Android by enterprises
> attracted to the ease of developing their own Android apps on a familiar
> open Linux-based platform. iPhone may well be largely limited to the
> consumer market.

android development is java based and little to do with linux. android
apps run in a java virtual machine. they're not even native.

> iPad may run into the same problem, especially if competitive Android
> tablets ship this year as expected.

maybe yes, maybe no. there's room for more than one.

> While a closed system has obvious advantages for Apple in the consumer
> market, the enterprise market tends to go for open systems over closed
> systems.

that would explain why enterprises like blackberry. oh wait, that's not