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>> That's the app that keeps a lot of people buying Macs. Quite a deal
>> compared to Avid, especially when you have no need for the level of
>> functionality that Avid provides.

> More and more studios are switching (or adopting from scratch) Final Cut
> Pro. A friend of mine who owns a video production house (that does
> commercials you've probably seen) used to dismiss Final Cut as a toy.
> That is no longer the case.

My nephew produces a lot of major commercials and he's a big Final Cut
Pro user for them. He uses Avid for some movies where Final Cut Pro
doesn't have necessary functionality, but even for most movies it's
sufficient. They used to take the P2 cards from the Panasonic studio
cameras and stick them directly into the Mac Books and start editing
on-site, until Apple dropped the CardBus slot from the Macs. Finally, in
June, Panasonic will have a USB reader for P2 cards (AJ-PCD2), but for
some reason such a device was very difficult to produce, and it's
ridiculously expensive.