nospam wrote on [Mon, 31 May 2010 21:13:59 -0700]:
> In article <hu1vfo$ph3$>, Justin
> <> wrote:
>> >> > for every single other android handset it's vapor.
>> >>
>> >> Vapourware means unreleased, at all. The number of people who can use it
>> >> is irrelevant.
>> >
>> > then it's vapor.
>> >
>> > only *one* model phone has it, and it's a prerelease beta version.

>> Which is it?

> why is a prerelease for the nexus one not vapor when a prerelease for
> the iphone is vapor?
> you're a hypocrite.

I know you have a hard time understanding the English language.
If you are and end user and not a developer, you can still get android, you can
not get the iphone OS.

I know it's hard for your brain cell to understand the definition
of a word that has been in the lexicon for decades with a very simple
and solid definition.