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Thread: MoCa Ethernet Adapter Security?

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    MoCa Ethernet Adapter Security?

    Hi, I just bought an actiontec moca adapter to add into my netgear moca
    adapter coax ethernet network. Alas, it does not support security
    preshared key like the netgears do. So I am thinking of disabling
    security on the netgears but would like to get opinions on if this is
    advisable or not as I do not know how hackable coax networks are. TIA, LB

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    Depending on whether you're in a house or apartment, MoCA coax networks are as hackable as your cable modem or cable TV is. If you're in a house, your coax is usually isolated from neighbors so someone would have to physically tap into your home wiring - unlikely. Apts are a little different but also usually isolated so each apt can have it's own services installed. Each house/apt usually has a POE (point of entry) filter that keeps networks separated.

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