Hi Everyone,
I installed Win 7 64 bit back in February.
All of a sudden this weekend it decided to have a SMART Error which is related to a Boot/BCD issue. Nothing was changed or installed that would of affected the drive.

I have read many forms and they all say to boot from disk and run the Windows Recovery Program and run the repair module to fix the issue. I had done this and the recovery module just hung there. Now when i try to boot from the win 7 disk, it will not let me.

So i tried something:
1) i removed the bum drive and installed win 7 on a spare harddrive so there is nothing wrong with my system.

2) i plug in the bum drive in again and select the newly formatted drive to boot from. the Win 7 logo hangs (does not boot)

3) I boot the system with just the newly formatted drive. I then plug in the bum drive and it slows down my system. My Computer recognizes the drive (after about 5-10 min) but is not able to load the contents.

4) I remove the bum drive and the system jumps back to life.

Is the bum drive a goner? is there any way to save the data if i cant boot from the Win 7 disk and the drive is not recognizable/readable from another install of the OS from another drive?

let me know if you need any other details...i hope i covered it all.