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Thread: A lot of the information on this site is outdated or incorrect

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    A lot of the information on this site is outdated or incorrect

    Mainly the tweaking suggestions for Vista, Win 7 and Firefox. Window scaling heuristics should never be disabled unless you want to use a setting that is incompatible with your internet connection or router. If you want the best connection do a TCP reset, enable heuristics and forget it. If you move around a lot you may want to disable heuristics until you come back to your home. The Firefox tweaks are outdated and one of them, nglayout.initialpaint.delay set to 0 actually will slow the page rendering so the default will probably work better. I think your site needs to be fixed since it is not nice to mess up others connections and fool them thinking they are improving their connection.

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    Thanks for the expert opinion...

    The information on this site is NOT incorrect, and while there are some articles that show their age, most of the information is quite current.

    So you're basically saying that MS knows best and has always been right for all possible network connections, we should just go by the default and never try anything different, it's bound to be worse

    For example, the default RWIN value in Windows XP/2k/2k3/9x was about 16KB, good for connections lower than 1MBps at low latency, essentially limiting any broadband connection speed drastically. Windows Vista/7 does not turn on CTCP (a much improved congestion control algorithm), among a number of other settings.

    nglayout.initialpaint.delay that you mention defaults to 250ms, similar delay to the Windows Start menu (which I always reduce to ~40ms, just a personal preference). The default may work best for you, however others may choose not to wait 250ms for the page to begin to load and use a different lower value. Modern broadband connections are actually capable of downloading quite a bit in that amount of time.

    Our intent has always been to provide information for users to be able to make more educated choices. While we've never claimed our recommendations work for ALL users, they do help the majority of broadband connections quite a bit, and we do have the feedback and history to claim that.

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