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Thread: Obama Admin caught offering bribes?

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    Thumbs down Obama Admin caught offering bribes?

    And the embarrassment that is this administration continues.

    WASHINGTON — Republicans and Democrats pressured the White House on Tuesday to disclose whether it offered a federal job to Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak if he would drop his Senate primary challenge against Democratic incumbent Arlen Specter.
    Sestak has said repeatedly that he received an offer to join the Obama administration if he abandoned the race against Specter, who had switched from Republican to Democrat last year and was the White House's preferred candidate. Republicans have criticized the offer, saying it was grossly inappropriate and demanding an explanation from the administration.
    The Obama admin is catching MAJOR heat over this and Sestak is not backing down on his claim though he refuses to go into further detail about it. As much as I'd like to see Obama take the fall for this and setup a possible impeachment (the thought of Pres. Biden would provide great comedy for the next 2.5 yrs ), one of his cronies, possible Rham, will fall on the sword for the MESSiah.

    Watch the bumbling idiot Gibbs dodge the issue, as usual.

    [ link ]
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    \\Miggs crosses his fingers and hopes this is the beginning of the end for the messiah\\
    I Hope He Fails

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    And any of this is surprising?
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    Turns out politicians are politicians. Who'd have thunk it?
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    The Admin was being bribed into doing this I guess too...

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