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Thread: MS Excel - Encrypting a column?

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    Question MS Excel - Encrypting a column?

    I have the task of enticing our accounts to use our website rather than relying on calling our company all the time. In order to make this easier and to track and handle I will be providing them with a Login and Password.

    Without going into all the details...
    I will initialy be keeping these passwords in an Excel file. I'd like to encrypt and/or secure the Excel file column that contains these passwords. Can this be done with just 1 column or do I need to encrypt/secure the complete worksheet?

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    The only thing I can come up with is make the color of the text in that column the same as the background so it is unreadable. Then in the save options for that file, set a "Password to Modify" so that only you or the admin can change the color to something else to read the contents of the column.
    You might check to make sure you can't read the passwords in that column when you "select all" or highlight a cell or something similar, when the background changes color.
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    Thanks. I think I'm just going to resort to encrypting the complete file and work from there.

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    You may have to change the .xls file extension to .txt.. put you can use this free app, and encrypted the file using AES 256bit encryption.
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