How do you draw a line on a canvas in WPF that is 1 pixel thick?

This is the method I am using for drawing a line on a canvas in WPF that uses the line class set to 1 pixel thick but it actually draws a line that is two pixels thick:

            Line myLine = new Line();

            myLine.Stroke = System.Windows.Media.Brushes.Black;

            myLine.X1 = 100;
            myLine.X2 = 140;  
            myLine.Y1 = 200;
            myLine.Y2 = 200;

            myLine.StrokeThickness = 1;
Microsoft might have decided to set a standard for line thickness and the minimum is 2 pixels thick when you set the strockThickness to 1, but when you already have rectangles drawn in XAML and even error fonts using WingDings, it is an obvious miss-match. How do you draw a line that is truly 1 pixel thick?

I tried:
myLine.StrokeThickness = 0.5;
but that only makes the line burry.

Is there some sort of setting I need to make in the grid instead?