On 5/9/2010 8:31 PM, Kimmy Boyer wrote:
> I own a small cafe and want to give my customers (maybe 10 at most)
> free wifi access when they sit and eat. I have Netgear wireless router
> but it runs on a WPA2 requiring a password.
> My concerns are two things. One so that I don't have to give out and
> change passwords every day and two keeping access limited to a very
> small, open atrium area. I turn the router on/off as I come and go.
> Any help is appreciated!
> Kim

If you are lucky your router is supported by the DD-WRT or Tomato
firmware upgrade. With either of them them you should be able to set up
a "cafe" style access system with out a password being needed.

You can set it up to present a screen with your house rules that the
user has to click on and accept before they are allowed onto the internet.

Here is a link describing the DD-WRT firmware and Cafe access.

If your present router is not supported a suitable replacement can be
found at many places like Ebay, Tigerdirect.com, and many other places.