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Thread: REALLY want help w/fast dl high ping prob

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    Exclamation REALLY want help w/fast dl high ping prob

    I REALLY want help with this. I currently live in Venezuela and i have a 2mb lan for only one computer, mine. So most of the time it downloads pretty good, from 60k-130k. But it's near impossible to get anything less than 150 ping on servers playing quake3. I usually use gamespy and I never find a ping less than 170 when playing my favorite mods. It's usually 300+. This is unbearable for me because when I lived in canada 3 months ago i used HSE (sympatico high speed) and got a nice ping of 50-70. I was happy. Now I hardly ever play any Quake 3 mods because as soon as i get into 5 minutes of play, I've been in so many situations where i wouldn't've died with a lower ping that i just leave in frustration.

    I would really like to know of some way to fix this.

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    Thats because your probabaly 4000 miles from your servers. 8) Not only that but I am assuming that the central american servers are probably not as good as the ones you had in canada.


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