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Thread: Headlight restoration?

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    Headlight restoration?

    Anyone tried any of the kits for this? My headlights on my truck are all hazed up and I've looked at two different kits.

    One is Glassylite Premium Headlight Restoration Treatment and Crystal View.

    So far Glassylite seems to be the better and has great reviews over on Amazon.


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    I don't know if they work, but they sell good at your local parts store.

    3M makes one
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zilog B View Post
    I don't know if they work, but they sell good at your local parts store.

    3M makes one

    i used the 3M kit on my truck, i put the buffing wheel in a air powered drill and went to town.

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    I used a generic one from Autozone on my SUV and it worked like a charm. I put masking tape around painted metal that surrounded the headlights and buffed it out manually. Mine weren't to hazed so it came out rather easily.
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    I used CV Restoration

    It was very easy and looks fantastic.

    I got it at walmart but not all of them carry it. I believe Kmart carries it to. Cost was $20.00

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