I hope that I am in the right place. The question I have is this: I am
running an HP laptop behind a Linksys Cable Router which is behind a Cisci
Cable Modem. When I did a "speed test" without the router connected I got a
reading of about 20.0 Mbps. When I added the router back in and ran the same
test I received a reading of about 6.0 Mbps. I had read that running through
a router would slow down your speed but I guess I didn't think that much. A
friend said that I should buy a "gateway" which is a cable modem and router
in one unit. Then I would not loss the speed. My router is a BEFAP41 4 port
wired router and the cable modem is a new Cisco DCP3000.
I would not have a problem buying a new "gateway" if what was said is true.
Any help of explanation would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your help,