I have an internal network that uses with a subnet of

I need to install a Cisco 2801 with AISK9 installed and connect to another
site using VPN through this 2801.

Can I assign the Cisco 2801 a static IP of and connect it to my
static IP modem ?

Right now all traffic routes through the gateway.

I need to send specific data through the VPN I will be establishing on this
separate Internet static IP that is not part of the existing network.

I have never done this before. Will I need to send the data to the internal
IP of the router, or once the VPN is connected, will I have to send to the
static IP at the other end of the VPN ?

Thanks for the help.

And if anyone can tell me where I can get the S28AISK9 or CD28-AISK9
software cheap that would be real helpful.

I did not know that without buying the additional software the router is a
2,000 dollar paperweight.

Thanks again

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