On multiple computers, with Windows 7 Ultimate, I now have difficulties
switching between wireless networks or connecting to airport/hotel networks.
This was never a problem with Vista - could switch between networks easily
and did not have problems when Windows 7 was first installed. My Windows 7
network consists of ATT wireless router/DSM modem and a Belkin wireless
router/cable modem, IPAQ PC with Belkin USB wireless adapter, Acer Laptop
with Aethros wireless adapter, Acer Netbook. Also have XP PC with Ethernet
connection to the Belkin Router/Cable Modem. All drivers are up to date and
the Belkin router is new. I also tried a new D-link router with no success
at all. The Network and Sharing Center shows the available wireless
networks. Whenever, I try to change networks, the non-preferred network
comes up unknown and will not show internet connection. Running
troubleshooter switches back to the preferred network. I can switch to the
second network, by making it the preferred network and running home group
and network trouble shooters. When I switch back to the original network,
Windows 7 does not remember that it was a Home network. When traveling, it
is a major production connecting to airport/hotel networks. With Vista,
switching could be done in a few seconds. Any ideas?