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Thread: I really like Spydercos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leatherneck View Post
    Are you impervious to "Ringfire"?
    I heard that's why they invented ice cubes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by De Plano View Post
    I like Spydercos but being a lefty I like to be able switch the clips over. I also jjust like griptillians by Benchmade. Never had a blade last as long as one of those. I lose them before I sharpen them. Not too long after needing to sharpen them either
    Delica V4 has the clipit screws tapped for 4 types of carry. Tip up Righty, Tip down righty, tip up lefty, tip down lefty. Since it is a lock back you do not need to worry about left hand carry right hand liner lock.

    Grippys are nice but the only thing they have that is a cut above the delica is the axis lock. Steel wise Delica is better, handle material is the same both are FRN handles.

    I own both but lately have carried neither. I've been carrying my Lone Wolf.
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