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Thread: Spybot immunization problem

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    Spybot immunization problem

    I am using the following security programs: Ad-Aware, Spybot, and SpywareBlaster along with Norton Internet Security 2010. My OS is Windows 7. Yesterday I have updated the spybot defintions and than tried to run the immunization proccess. First I have got a message saying that I'm to be an administrator to run full immunization (I checked the settings of my profile at the laptop-I am an administrator). Still I have run immunization, but about 1500 items remained unprotected, while I got a message that some security programs, such as AWG, which I'm not using may prevent the full immunization. I would appreciate any advice on solution of this problem

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    thats not really uncommon when using multiple malware protection programs.

    I would get rid of adaware.

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    To run SpyBot under Vista and 7 you have right click on the SpyBot icon, go to properties - compatibility and check "run this program as an administrator".

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