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Thread: Mystic River PSP? dissidia final fantasy...any good?

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    Mystic River PSP? dissidia final fantasy...any good?

    I was looking at the gamestop website I saw something weird...this mystic river psp 3000 package they got for the final fantasy release, is and if it's any different from the psp 3000 what would they possibly do to make it different? if it's good I'd like to know, I was also looking at some trailers(don't bother with the prize drawings advertisements you never know...(He
    heh heh I'mgonnawinI"mgonnawinI'mgonnawinI'mgonnawin)forthe dissidia I like the idea of bringing back all the old characters but I"m not to enthusiastic about the fighting sequence if it's the same as the last psp fight sequence but all in all I might like the game if any knows if it's any good please let me know evenifit'sbad to save me from another ******(excuse me) BAD game so that I don't end up looking up old football commercials to keep myself from drowning myself in selfless pitty on all the wasted bets on the eagles, steelers, titans, yadayadayada
    oya I'm having trouble with getting music on my psp haven't quite figured that out...well..or much else with my psp.
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    Were you by chance drunk when you typed this?



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