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Thread: Another Slow LAN

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    Another Slow LAN

    I'm very new to LAN so be patient if i say something wrong or ridiculous.
    I'm connected to the internet wirelessly using the THOMSON ST780 modem/router and D-Link AirPlus G+ DWL-G520+ network adapter.
    My father is connected to the internet using the same setup.
    Both our connection tray icon says we're connected at 54mbps.
    Our internet connection speed is optimal.
    However, our computers are also connected through a LAN workgroup using the default WinXP microsoft network. We're both using WinXP SP2.

    When i transfer files to my father's computer through the LAN it takes 3-4 minutes to transfer a 200mb file. I think that's too long. Is my LAN speed too slow, and if so what can i do to increase it?

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    1-are the two PCs connected directly? if so then you have to get a special cables called cross over cables which are used to connect two PCs directly without a switch.
    2- if you are connected through a switch so check if the cables are sending and receiving well.

    i hope i made it simple.

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    That seems about right for peer to peer SMB over a wireless network. Your connection profile may say your connected at 54Mbps but you're really only going to see throughput up to *maybe* 28Mbps if everything is optimal.

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