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Thread: In need of expert assistance PLEASE

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    In need of expert assistance PLEASE

    I'm rather new to this stuff and don't quite understand my results here. My connection has been especially slow lately on my Linksys WRT54G & MacBook Pro.
    I do have a password set on my network, so it's just me using it and I don't know why it's so slow; It feels like an old-school dial up. My BitTorrent is also slow and I'm starting to wondering if I should just contact my internet provider??

    If someone knows their stuff and can help me out here, What do these results mean? Or what I can do here to speed my connection back up to normal??

    Thank so much in advance!!


    WEB100 Enabled Statistics:
    Checking for Middleboxes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Done
    checking for firewalls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Done
    running 10s outbound test (client-to-server [C2S]) . . . . . 333.0kb/s
    running 10s inbound test (server-to-client [S2C]) . . . . . . 8.88kb/s

    ------ Client System Details ------
    OS data: Name = Mac OS X, Architecture = i386, Version = 10.5.8
    Java data: Vendor = Apple Inc., Version = 1.5.0_22

    ------ Web100 Detailed Analysis ------
    Link detection algorithm failed due to excessive Round Trip Times.
    Link set to Full Duplex mode
    No network congestion discovered.
    Good network cable(s) found
    Normal duplex operation found.

    Web100 reports the Round trip time = 0 msec; the Packet size = 1448 Bytes; and
    No packet loss - but packets arrived out-of-order 0% of the time
    S2C throughput test: Packet queuing detected: 95.46%

    Web100 reports TCP negotiated the optional Performance Settings to:
    RFC 2018 Selective Acknowledgment: ON
    RFC 896 Nagle Algorithm: ON
    RFC 3168 Explicit Congestion Notification: OFF
    RFC 1323 Time Stamping: ON
    RFC 1323 Window Scaling: ON

    Client is probably behind a firewall. [Connection to the ephemeral port failed]
    Information: Network Middlebox is modifying MSS variable
    Server IP addresses are preserved End-to-End
    Information: Network Address Translation (NAT) box is modifying the Client's IP address

    Server says [] but Client says []

    The theoretical network limit is 0 Mbps
    The NDT server has a 0 KByte buffer which limits the throughput to Na Mbps
    Your PC/Workstation has a 65.0 KByte buffer which limits the throughput to Na Mbps
    The network based flow control limits the throughput to Na Mbps

    Client Data reports link is 'RTT', Client Acks report link is 'RTT'
    Server Data reports link is 'RTT', Server Acks report link is 'RTT'

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    I'm not acquaintance with Mac but hope this helps :

    + Fix EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference) elements :
    Relocate modem/router to some place that are a few feet away from ALL other electrical devices, including apart from each other.Also, make sure you do not coil up any excess length of signal or power cables.

    + Wireless : keep your modem/router away from : Microwave, radio, mobile ... (operating at 2.4 Ghz)
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    Thank you, I will test that out for a few days.

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