Your Windows XP supporting PC is getting slowed day by day and it is
also featuring a tendency of getting crashed all of the sudden. If you
have observed your PC closely, you would be finding that this problem
is combined with many more issues such as blue screen errors, popping
up of error messages, etc. This is convincing about some issues in
your operating system.Here are few Windows XP support tips, which can
help you in increasing your computer speed.-

Scan your PC completely If your PC is running slow, the first step
you can do is to scan your PC thoroughly. Sometimes, slow speed of
computer is reasoned by spyware infiltration in it. Such tools are
very deceptive which not only reduces speed of your PC but also steals
your crucial personal information.

By scanning your PC you can detect such malware and permanently delete
them. This will save you from all the stealing threat and also boost
speed of your PC. This step is recommended by almost every Windows XP
support expert.

Disable service at Windows startup menu Many services are run
automatically when Windows XP starts up. This can eat up a big amount
of system resources and considerably slows down Windows XP. If you
want to accelerate Windows XP, you can utilize Windows Task Manager to
put out of action the additional ones.

Fixing registry errors Windows XP support experts also recommend
registry error fixing. Fixing registry errors increase speed of PC all
of the sudden. Since, registry errors leads to serious pc issues, such
as, system errors, spyware and virus attack, application removal
failure, its fixing up corrects computers speed with a pace.

These are some of the important Windows XP support tips that can help
you in increasing speed of your operating system and enjoy a better
computing experience.

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