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> DanS <t.h.i.s.n.t.h.a.t@r.o.a.d.r.u.n.n.e.r.c.o.m> wrote:
>> I get full saturation of 10 mbps d/l speeds from Time/Warner in
>> a suburb of Buffalo, NY when using two d/l threads from
>> Giganews. Using any more d/l threads is a waste, as more threads
>> don't come down any faster.

>Aren't you fortunate? This is the Bay Area. Note the "ba" in the
>newsgroup name.

Some of us are reading this in alt.internet.wireless.

>We don't have such service here. We don't have anything
>close. Comcast advertises "15Mbps" connectivity, but what it really is
>amounts to this: you get 15Mbps burst speed for the first five to ten
>megabytes of a file download. After that, it drops to something like
>3Mbps. You have to read the fine print to find that out.

I'm also with Comcast, out in the Midwest. Around here they advertise
12Mbps and 16Mbps service tiers. I'm on the 12Mbps tier and get at
least 18Mbps as my burst speed, after which it falls back to a very
steady 12Mbps for as long as I want, any time of the day or evening.
If they're advertising 15Mbps service out there, I'm surprised to hear
that's your burst speed.