OFCOM has produced a couple of studies this year which may be of
interest to some:-

1." With consumer demand for high-quality, multimedia-rich services
expected to increase in the next decade, network operators are starting
to deploy new access networks with fibre all the way to customer
premises in order to dramatically increase the bandwidth they can
provide. It is often thought that these fibre networks offer infinite
capacity; however, in reality, the practicalities of deployment,
architectural choices and performance constraints of networking
equipment will lead to capacity being limited."

2.They have focussed on STB's and cellphones but may still be of
interest.I don't know why they have done it as 2 separate documents as
they are very similar.
"This study examines issues involved in improving the performance of
radio receivers in consumer equipment such as TVs and cellular devices.
The study focuses on the cost / performance trade-off to make a receiver
less susceptible to interference from other frequency bands, based on
technologies that can be envisaged over the next ten to twenty years."