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Thread: My daughter's engaged...

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    My daughter's engaged...

    So I took her and her fiancé out to the canyon on Thursday and took some engagement photos. Just some informal stuff for now, but will be taking some more formal type shots in probably a couple of weeks...

    This first photo I shot, I ended up doing a photoshop treatment to, as my daughter wanted something along these lines. First shot is the original, second is the ps version.

    This shot, I had seen done in a Life magazine shoot, so I figured I'd try it out. On the count of 3, I had them jump straight up and shot the picture before they started downward.

    All the pictures that I have posted on flickr right now can be found here.
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    Great shots Indy.

    Congrats to them

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    nice Indy !

    and congrats.

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    Nice Indy

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    I love the fourth one! Nice!!

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