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Thread: should I get a better cable modem?

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    should I get a better cable modem?

    I am in NYC and on Time Warner using their supplied cable modem - an RCA DCM425.

    recently upgraded my router to a premium model: Netgear WNDR3700
    and very happy with that, but wondered if there was a bit more to gain with a new Modem also - like a Motorola SB6120.

    any thoughts if this is worthwhile, or is it really not worth the $?

    do I need to alert Time Warner if I switch modems, or is it just plug n play?


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    You will need to use a cable modem that will work with their networks... here is a list:

    Also you will need to let them know when you get it so you can hook it up and have them provision it to your account.

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