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Thread: What will the newly passed Healthcare reform mean?

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    Do you suppose we are gonna have Health Nazis now?

    Kinda of likes the zealous tree huggers. Running around getting up into everyone's craw, telling complete strangers they are destroying the nation. Perhaps running around throwing buckets of lard on people coming out of McDonald's.

    Hey maybe we can even have a health awareness hour once a year, where we all jog in place for the hour.


    Also, I'd just like to point out that being pickled in bitterness is just as likely to skew your judgment as ignorance is.
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    "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge." - Stephen Hawking

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnosteele52 View Post
    Your still not on the right track. We have a book of protocols that are written by a panel of doctors and paramedics that are our guide for what to do in certain situations. But in order to be able to practice as a paramedic you have to have a medical director, an ER doctor that allows us to practice under his medical license. Take a look at my local EMS governing body's website HERE, you can even download our protocols in .pdf format. Protocols change a bit from region to region but the core of them is usually the same. We are allowed to do quite a bit more than a lot of other regions on standing orders, we also have EVMS (Eastern Virginia Medical School) in our city so we do a lot of trials for them on new procedures/medications that may be helpful to save lives.
    Well like I said, I know, but explaining it is an entirely different matter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cybotron r_9 View Post

    "Our lying liars are better than the lies lied about by your lying liars!"

    ...formerly the omnipotent UOD

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    Quote Originally Posted by JawZ View Post
    What source are you using for this statement Ken?

    Here is the breakdown of the 2009 budget.

    Medicare/Caid/Welfare amount to 31%. Social Security if added would take it to slightly over 50%.

    Sounds like the same kind of propaganda you had mentioned earlier.

    I agree 100%. What can we do to help children that can't help themselves?
    Look back in the pre-election threads as I had posted the official links then and discussed it then, so it would have been FY 2008 and projected for FY 2009... However, even if you use your link, it still shows $1 trillion for welfare and medicare/medicade...

    It looks like the budget has gone from $2 trillion to $3 trillion since then...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnosteele52 View Post
    BS, you didn't read a thing I posted. Some of you are so misinformed and refuse to listen to logic and truth, no wonder Obama has so many followers.
    So you are having a heart attack, but you had taken Viagra the night before, because of a protocol you are denied the right to have a life saving drug.

    You are having a heart attack and your blood pressure is <100 systolic you are denied a possibly life saving drug.

    Im canadian and our protocols are different, so no Im not misinformed, you are just an other ignorant american.

    P.S MOLTHC helps to govern the administration of drugs, Ministry of long term health care, also known as


    One more little point I thought Id throw out there. American EMT/ Paramedic requirements to graduate are a JOKE. Looking through your course load, and pre requisites are absolutely garbage compared to Canadian standards. Especially being in Ontario where the standards are the most strict.

    I wouldnt trust an American paramedic to treat my dog if she stepped on a nail, let alone a family member.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken View Post
    We already use 1/2 of our federal budget or $1 trillion for Welfare and Medicare/Medicaid, basically taking care of the unfortunate. How much do you think it will require increasing our budget to cover another 30+ million people that don't qualify to existing programs? And why don't they qualify?? Who is going to pay for this? What will be the effects of trying to pay for it? Start up effects, short term, long term effects...

    I heard a news report that stated Medicare was going to take a huge cut, but don't worry as the money will be made up by cutting down on Medicare fraud... We don't need universal health care to cut down on fraud, why hasn't that been being done from the beginning? This is not Obama’s fault as it has been going on way before him. He is merely trying to cash in on it, give himself a legacy...

    Medical costs are a large reason for bankruptcies!!! Really? Is there a set percentage ratio of medical bills to personal bills to qualify to state this? ...NO... Many people that list medical as reason for bankruptcy had being living with their credit maxed out and making minimum payments for a long history. Anything unexpected sends them into financial ruin... Medical is merely used as an excuse oftentimes. Bankruptcies are public record. Anyone interested can visit their local courthouse and see the details...

    In truth, entertainment is far more important to most than saving for a rainy day. Who expects to get hit with a health problem anyways... The most expensive car-that the bank says you can afford, and 1 for your spouse, the most expensive house-that the bank says you can afford, nice vacations, eating out at restaurants, hitting a movie, stopping by the bar a few times a week and no money is left for anything unexpected... Yes, the wealthy and the business should pay for our healthcare! We need our money for more entertaining things! We deserve it!

    Yes, people get ill. There is no cure for what the majority of people get ill with, the common cold. No need to go to the doctor for it. We are rapidly approaching the ineffectiveness of anti-biotics already due to over use, misuse, abuse... Allergies? I see people that take medicine everyday, yet still have the same allergy results... Maybe soon they will invent a pill so that people no longer need to exercise! What an inconvenience that is! (those are the type of people that tend to get sick more often, as is over weight, smokers, heavy drinkers, drug users, get the picture, see the pattern...) How is more insurance going to help them as it will repeat endlessly…

    In our PC world, we are being lead, and even encouraged to be expectant and dependant on others, especially our government. No personal responsibility or accountability. I don't mind helping people that want to help themselves, I am against helping the lazy, free-loader, take advantage, want something for nothing, type people that somehow believe that they deserve and have rights for it...
    Good post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JawZ View Post

    "Our lying liars are better than the lies lied about by your lying liars!"

    I heard about it this morning on radio AM 11:30, both parties are going to meet face to face next week.
    My co workers were like wtf is going on down there .......
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