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Thread: "Connect Automatically" to Wireless Connections

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    "Connect Automatically" to Wireless Connections

    When I view the available Wireless Network Connections in Windows 7, all the
    wireless networks have a check mark in "Connect automatically." I'm not sure
    if this is the Windows 7 default or if it was pre-configured this way by my

    In any case, shouldn't these check marks be removed from all other wireless
    networks besides my own? Some of the wireless networks in my neighborhood
    have no security at all, and I wouldn't want any of my PCs to be part of

    If I may ask a second question: The last network in the list of Available
    Wireless Networks is simply called "Other Network". Does that mean something

    Thanks for your help.


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    Connect Automatically just means Windows will latch onto it each time you boot up, or each time you enable your wireless NIC. It will latch onto the wireless networks starting at the "top of the list"...meaning, you can control which network is your preferred network..and you can organize the priorities of the list.

    If your network is at the top of the list, Windows will latch onto your network..and it will not attach to the others. It only latches onto one network per wireless NIC that you have.

    It will also only latch onto wireless networks that you've set it up on. If you have never connected to a neighbors wireless network before...even though they have it unsecured, Windows will not connect to it automatically.

    If you were playing around or snooping..and you connected to a neighbors wireless can go remove it from the list, and Windows will not latch onto it again without manual intervention.

    "Other Network"...might be someone being creative with their wireless SSID naming.
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