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Thread: How to AUTOMATE VPN reconnection during PC wake-up from sleep mode

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    Little Charlie

    How to AUTOMATE VPN reconnection during PC wake-up from sleep mode

    This works for me on Windows 7 64 bit YMMV!!!

    "Windows 7 Wake-Up VPN reconnect.txt"
    Download link

    Windows 7 instructions to automate VPN connection when PC wakes up.

    NOTES: I have only tested this on Windows 7 64bit
    Assumes a modest degree of user technical savvy.

    OVERVIEW :- A 2 Step Process

    STEP #1.
    Create, test, and save to disk a batch file that calls rasdial.exe
    (rasdial.exe has been part of Windows since Windows98)
    --Here is my batch file script--
    rasdial.exe yourvpnconnectioname username password

    Create a basic task in Windows Task Scheduler to automatically run the
    batch file when Windows wakes up. Here is how we do that....

    1. Open Windows Task Scheduler
    2. Select from right hand pane - "Create Basic Task"
    3. Add your Task name. Optionally add a Task description -click next-
    4. Select the Trigger - "When a specific event is logged" -click next-
    5. Select Log = System
    6. Select Source = Power-Troubleshooter
    7. Enter Event ID = 1 -click next-
    8. Select "Start a Program" (default selection) -click next-
    9. Use Browse to locate your VPN batch file -click next-
    10. Select "Open the properties dialog for this task when I click
    finish" -click Finish-
    11. Several customization choices here on 6 tabs. Select what you need.

    For my needs I selected on General Tab -
    "Run task whether user is logged on or not"
    "Run with highest privileges"
    "Config for" I left it at the default - "Windows Vista,Windows Server

    All other Tabs I left to default settings/selections. But take a look at
    them. When finished setting your choice of task properties -click OK-
    Your done. Test it.

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    EDIT: Thanks for this!! You are the best.
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