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Thread: Windows 7 does not reach max Verizon FiOS Speeds

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    Windows 7 does not reach max Verizon FiOS Speeds

    I have a Verizon Fios business account with 35Mbps down/35Mbps up.

    I have 5 boxes in my house. 2 are linux webservers, 3 are Windows 7 machines.

    I can run a speedtest on either linux webserver and get 35.xMbps down/15Mbps+ up constantly. Obviously the up is nowhere near 35Mbps, but that isn't my issue I'm wanting resolved at this moment.

    The issue is, when I run a speed test from ANY of my Windows 7 machines, I get a max of 22.xMbps/15.xMbps. I've read the horror stories of Windows 7 and FiOS, I'm just hoping that somebody out there somewhere has come across this and fixed it.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I found the issue with my windows 7 machines. Basically, my setup is like this:

    FiOS ethernet -> Gigabit switch -> Cisco RVS4000 Gateway -> PC1, PC2, PC3
    FiOS ethernet -> Gigabit switch -> Linux box 1 & 2
    FiOS ethernet -> Gigabit switch -> Verizon FiOS router

    I plugged my comp (PC1) into the fios ethernet directly and set up my connection info, and I was able to get 35/15Mbps. Then I tried it with the switch, same thing. Then I tried it with my RVS4000 Gateway... back to 22Mbps.

    So the problem isn't actually my using Windows 7. The problem is my gateway. Then again, I did perform a ton of commands I found by using this forum... not sure if that's why I got the speeds I got when plugging directly into the FiOS cord.

    Anyway, so there were two things I changed on my gateway, (1) Set IPS off, (2) Set IP Mode to IPv4 only (not IPv6)
    Now I'm getting:
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