Set up a gigabit switch and a new NAS file server.

New CAT 6 cables.

Set the NAS to hard 1000 Mb/s.
Checked the Mac ethernet was auto con. to 1000 Mb/s.

All I get as a transfer speed is, top, 20 MB/s (160 Mb/s).

I returned the switch, and ordered a different one (a D-Link) online
(along with a gigabit ethernet PCI card for the PC). Maybe it will be a
bit better.

But kinda disappointed in the throughput. I thought I'd be hitting 500
Mb/s at least (60 MB/s). (Mac has serial ATA 3 Gb/s, so does the NAS).

I'll see how well Mac->PC flows in RAMDisk to RAMDisk - but I doubt I'm
going to see a huge improvement. Also need to try jumbo frames for a
few more %.


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