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Thread: German gov't official called a nazi and hounded by Scientologists in Florida

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    German gov't official called a nazi and hounded by Scientologists in Florida

    [ link ]

    The official being hounded: Ursula Caberta

    The reason they were hounding her?

    The German government does not recognize Scientology as a religion.
    and she heads up:

    The Scientology Task Force for the Hamburg Interior Authority (German: Behörde für Inneres – Arbeitsgruppe Scientology) was founded in 1992 to monitor the activities and publications of Scientology, raise public awareness about the organization, and serve as a resource to Scientology members who may wish to exit the group.
    And some more background on her trip:


    I know TonyT is a Scientologist, so more than anything, I'm curious to hear his take on things like this.

    It's no secret that I'm more anti-theist than atheist, but I'm still shocked by stuff like this (and worse). Seriously? Calling her a nazi, hounding her through an airport, cancelling her hotel and then attempting to sue her?

    Any opinions?

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    I want to roll my eyes.
    Heckling at the airport..that's out in public, supposed there's a right to that.
    Cancel her hotel room...that shouldn't be allowed to happen, somethings broke in the system when that can occur, to hamper someones trip.
    Drag her into deposition? I'm amazed, in disbelief, that that could happen.
    Extremists like this will give anything a bad name. I'm all for tolerance, but when things get ugly, it only creates more stereotypes of "what a bunch of nuts".
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    1. That video was almost 10 years ago. The parties mentioned are no longer affiliated with the Church of Scientology nor are the Lisa McPhereson Trust people mentioned active as anti-religious extremests either.

    2. The reason she was "greeted" at the airport as such was because the Trust guy there, Bob Mitton, had bribed Caberta $100,000.00 to make that trip to the US and meet with the McPherson Trust people.

    Caberta had made the trip claiming she was here on official govt business, but that was a lie, she was here to further her anti-religious efforts. Our own US State department publicy trounced on her too.

    Investigations were done and they found that she had accepted illegal funds (bribe) and Caberta was removed from her position in the German govt. (leniency)

    No sympathy for these types of criminals from me...

    FYI, the German govt has factions who seek to eradicate all religions there except for what they consider the only "allowed" religion: Protestant. Even though Catholics make up about 30%, there are movements there to get rid of it too. Islam, Judaism, Buddism and Scientology are daily discriminated against in Germany. Members of these faiths are blacklisted, harrassed, attacked and have their human rights violated routinely by the German radical groups. That these radical groups have permeated the German govt makes it worse. (as if this radical discriminatory faction had ever left the German govt post WW2!)
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