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Thread: Cat 5 Certification?

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    Cat 5 Certification?

    Ok our IT people are requiring that anyone running or terminating network cables be certified.
    Does anyone know of a company I could have come in and train a group of people in Cat5?
    This would be how to run cables, proper termination, punch down, 568a, 568b etc etc.
    I was trained years ago but My company did the training.
    We have it in our budget to hire someone for some classes or whatever is required. We also have to buy what ever test equipment needed to certify cables. I have a fluke but thats my own *lol*

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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    I went through Leviton a long time ago, they guy came to one of our offices and did a 1 day program.
    Panduit also does some courses...and I like their hardware.

    Might search through your local tech/trade schools, lots of local ones will have courses for electricians. The guy I use for most of my network cable installs happens to teach a few night courses on data cabling at a local tech school.
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    Thats exactly what I was looking for Thanks!

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    neat thanks for sharng

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