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    I signed up for DSL through Verizon a few years back, and was sent a Modem from them. Now, I am experiencing frequent connection problems and Verizon is telling me it is my modem and they offered to sell me a new one.

    My question is, can I purchase any DSL Modem to use with my Verizon DSL service, or is their DSL service compatible with only certain modem brands?

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    No, I've had similar problems with my provider and you can use different DSL modems as my provider uses Siemens SE 567 modem or the 2Wire modem which I can't use because they are not compatible with some other hardware I'm using. I had to use the Speedtouch
    516v modem but it's running very hot and starting to disconnect after installing a new Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH router so I read a lot of reviews and found the DLink DSL 2540B
    modem has high reviews. Oddly enough I see it listed here on this website as a router which it isn't, just go to Dlink's website and you'll find it is a DSL 2/2+ modem.

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