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Thread: Browsing problem.

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    Browsing problem.

    I have just joined this forum in the hope that someone might be a able to help me with a problem that I have had for over two weeks now.
    One day I turned my PC off, no problem. The next day I turned it on, problem.
    I have recovered a backup from before the problem started and it seemed to clear, the following day it was back.
    OS: XP-SP3. 8mb Broadband through an ADSL modem, usually 7-7.2mb.
    The problem is that the only way I can browse the internet is using IE7 without add-ons. If I try to use it normally or use Firefox, I have v2 and v3 installed, the browser window opens but before it connects to a website everything locks and I have to turn the PC off manually and restart.
    If I open any browser offline they open without problems and I can access HTML files, and in the case of Firefox CHM files, from the hard drive. If I open Firefox and prevent it from loading a website it works. It is making the actual connection to any site that appears to be the problem.
    All other connections for program updates and email software work.
    When the problem started, for the first couple of days if I connected my Netbook to the PC and used ICS I had the same problem with the Netbook which has IE7, Firefox3.5, and Opera10.10, as soon as any browser opened the Netbook locked. Again all other access worked. At some point in my attempts to solve the problem something I did changed this as I can now use all the Netbook's browsers through ICS without problems. What it was that changed it I have no idea.
    The add-ons that are common to the different browsers on the PC are also in use on the Netbook which now works. None of the add-ons had updated for some time before the problem started.
    I have cleaned, checked, and defragged the hard drive and the registry. I have run full scans with a range of programs and found nothing. I have renewed adaptors, reset TCP/IP and Winsock, and purged the DNS cache, nothing. I have checked with my ISP about the settings that I have and they tell me that they are all as they should be. I can ping websites and get reasonable responses. I have tried moving ICS to other connections and even turning it off. Nothing I have tried has made the slightest difference.
    I have even tried connecting a router instead of the modem with exactly the same results.
    As I said, everything except the browsers is working normally. I have OE and Mailwasher Pro, both work. I have about a dozen programs which update daily, some automatically, some manually, all are updating without problems.
    I have several VPN's, I can connect to and through all of them without problems. And I have ICS and file sharing across the LAN, also without problems.

    Any ideas on this issue would be gratefully received as I have long-since run out of them.

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    I have v2 and v3 installed, the browser window opens but before it connects to a website everything locks and I have to turn the PC off manually and restart.
    Could you tell more ?
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    Hi, thank you for replying.
    With regard to Firefox, when v3 came out I discovered that if I updated to it I would loose several useful extensions, I then read that it was possible to install v3 alongside v2 provided I installed to a different directory which I did, each version has its own profile and when I click on a shortcut to open either version I get the option of which profile I want. The only thing that I lost was the option of opening Firefox Safe Mode. I should point out that I have had both versions since v3 came out of Beta and have never had a problem with either.
    The problem I have does not appear to be browser specific because as I said in my first post when it started it was affecting all my browsers on both computers.
    When I try to open a browser normally the browser window itself will open but when my Home Page or any other website starts to load it seems to get about halfway and then everything locks. One of the suggestions I got was that the PC was not converting domain names to IP addresses, if that was the case surely I would not even be able to use IE without add-ons or any of the Netbook browsers?
    The fact that I can open IE without add-ons made me consider the add-ons as being the source of the problem but they are common to the browsers on both computers and as I also said in my first post none of them had updated for at least a week before the problem started.

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    Problem solved!

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