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Thread: i got (*indirectly*) bit by a pit bull

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    i got (*indirectly*) bit by a pit bull

    so yeah...
    i got bit by a pit bull
    made a nice opening in my finger
    went to the ER and such.
    they just cleaned it and gave antibiotics
    apparently my insurance isnt active anymore
    but luckily i have no job, single and live with friends and not with family so they're not responsible for me.
    sooo... yeah, i just told them that i had like 10 dollars in my bank account and thats usually max since i dont work.
    got meds and visit for free and for next 30 days.
    dont got to pay back or anything.

    story time.
    i was walking my beloved linda then we saw the animal patrol
    lady was trying to get pit bull
    i didnt want to get myself involved so i stayed back quite a bit
    dog came up to me and linda
    did nothing to me, started sniffing linda then started attacking her
    so i just tried to pull pit away from linda
    i didnt care what happened to me as long as linda was safe but i couldnt let go of her leash cause i know shell run away and possibly get ran over so i could only get the pit into a submission hold then the lady tied up pit and put him in her vehicle.
    wrote down bite report.
    pit seems friendly with people but not with other dogs
    no tags or anything
    no way to tell if it had rabies or anything but it was well taken care of
    mustve been someones dog that got out
    now that dog is on 10 day quarantine
    i feel like **** yet good
    i saved one dogs life but im destroying another
    the only reason i got bit was because i put my hand in its mouth to protect linda.
    it didnt directly attack me.
    i guess i was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.
    suppose thats the life cycle in the end.
    got to destroy one life to save another.
    even then i still feel like ****.
    got bit on index finger.
    sorry for page stretching i guess.
    kind of tricky to type without index finger and this is easiest for me.

    if you want pics of my wound after the bite just ask, i took a few. can't say theyre great quality.

    as for the status of linda. she's fine was just slightly shaken up but got over it quickly it seems. I can only imagine how bad the situation wouldve gotten if i didnt butt in.

    funny thing is that animal patrol scolded me for getting involved but i think its cause she didnt want to put it in 10 day quarantine like she did. to me all that pit needs is a bit of behavioral rehab. doesnt need to be put down. hope owner is found i dont want that dog to be put down.
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    Hard to believe the animal control person scolded you for simply protecting your dog, if you were staying back.

    Yeah Pits have a wicked strong bite...quite the power jaws. When I worked for a small software company before, the owner always brought his into the office every day. Clipper was his name...named after the DOS programming language that this software companies product was based on....Clipper for DOS. The dog would romp around all the time, very playful dog. The dog often carried around a thick rope tug-toy and wanted to play tug of war. The dog could latch onto it hard...I could lift the dog way up high in the air with my arm, and even swing around in circles with the dog flying out still holding on like if you swung around a bucket of water. Or hold the rope way up high in the air..the dog would come charging at me...jump up high right towards me...and jump off of my chest and up into the air to lock his jaws onto the rope tug toy. One time the dog wasn't so accurate and his jaws clamped down on the rope..and the thick base of my thumb where I was holding onto the rope tugger. YYYEEEOOOOWWWW!!! Pits bulls have one of, if not THE, highest bite clamp down of dogs...around 2000psi. The thick drumstick base of my thumb was not pretty for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YeOldeStonecat View Post
    Pits bulls have one of, if not THE, highest bite clamp down of dogs...around 2000psi.
    High but not close to some of the mastiffs.

    Glad you're ok Penguin, dog fights are never much fun.

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    My sister had a pit a while back...that dog was a damn coward around kids!! he would run and hide under my desk if my neice was around, if he couldn;t get under the desk, he would try and hide behind me on the couch or try getting into my lap!
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