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Thread: My DSL is droping connection with new WIFI router

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    My DSL is droping connection with new WIFI router

    Im not sure what or how is this happening, but i decided to buy an router/wifi to add coverage to my house, with really good reviews Buffalo Technology WHR-HP-G54, i tried once i got it (with stock settings) and when i connected it to my belkin dsl model/router it dropped my connection i though was a one time thing while it booted, as its not a permanent drop in internet but just temporarily. I then upgraded the firmware to tomato 1.27 and it seems to do the same.

    The lost of internet is weird, no lights go down, simply stops blinking transmitting for around 10sec (sometimes more sometime less), all the lights stay the same (just stops blinking like when its transmitting), when i disconnect the Buffalo router the random dc stop completely and never i get any problems with losing the internet. I also tried different ports, and unpluging and rebooting the belkin dsl modem/router and buffalo wifi/router. I called my ISP they said they didn't see any overflow on overload on the dsl modem/router. One last thing atm the buffalo router/wifi is not setup as bridge, not sure if this would make a difference.

    Maybe someone here can help me out, idk what else to try or what could be this problem related to, maybe i should buy another router, or exchange the current dsl modem, but maybe its something simpler than this.

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    Double NAT is generally not a good idea, I'd try to setup the WiFi router as an access point only (with DHCP server disabled) in the same private IP range as the DSL router, as described here:

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