Sorry, I thought it was pretty clear that I wasn't directing my post directly at blacklab. For the most part, I was ridiculing the obvious slant and bias present in the letter. The only part directed at you lab, was the question about why you post something that's clearly slanted ********. /shrugs

As for some of the points:

Disliking an entire nation of people -- many of whom actually seem to love the USA, for some reason, despite the anti-French mindset that seems to permeate throughout American culture -- because they're whiney? Whaa? That's like hating Americans because they're all rednecks who inbreed. It's clearly not true and it's an unfair (and immature) generalisation. My original post was directed at the obvious hate the letter's author had for the French, not yours. But seeing as you don't particularly disagree, this is for you too.

Hate the UN? Again, not directed at you. The text seems to have been written by a typical American "hero"; hates all things un-American, including the UN, France and those damned hippy, tree-hugging liberals. The general tone of the letter was cliche, at best.

Hate Obama? Again, not directed at you. The author of the letter clearly shows contempt towards Obama and left-leaning/liberal individuals.

Adoption and white people? Again, not directed at you. It is the author of the letter brings up Race. /shrugs

Maybe I should have deleted some of the questionable stuff, but I figured people would pick out the important things and ignore the petty crap.
It's the questionable garbage that throws even the rest of the opinions presented into the void. For example, the author complains about USAID's running of the airport.

Surely planes land in the order they arrive. There's a queuing system. I'd imagine they only fill up with as much fuel as they need to get there (less weight means more cargo and supplies, right?) I don't run an airport and I'd hazard a guess the author doesn't either. So I'd be less inclined to complain about the order that planes come down. The controllers likely know what they're doing.

I love the irony of this right-wing tough guy complaining about the captialistic practices of the airlines he used to get home. Classic.