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Thread: CompTIA A+ Practical Application 2009 Objectives (Got my A+ Cert)

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    CompTIA A+ Practical Application 2009 Objectives (Got my A+ Cert)

    Well I got out a few hours ago from doing the CompTIA A+ Practical Application 2009 Objectives

    I want to say that there was trick questions but it's more like trick answers.
    There were like several answers that were correct but there was only 1 answer that was correct out of all of them.

    I can't say there was any in particular focus in the test, it was really spread out.

    Oh and one thing to definitely remember is the directories of stuff. Like where the users are in Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

    Also you'll need to know where to find logs of the OS install.

    Another thing is you'll need to know a few commands for the Run area and the command line stuff.

    Other than that nothing out of the ordinary just the usual networking/printer/computer problems with a bunch of given scenarios.

    I missed the same amount of questions in this one as I did in the Essentials test but this time I got a lower score, I guess I missed some of the more bigger questions.

    755/900 min pass score is 700. So in a sense I barely passed.

    to be honest, only because I didn't get a perfect score on either test I seriously feel like this:

    Well I suppose it just goes to show how much I've still got to study. Only because I'm officially certified doesn't mean I'm going to stop studying. I've still got a lot to learn. Not sure where to go from here but I certainly need a job first to pay off my CC which got me the vouchers for the exams. Then from there maybe Network+? or Security+? Maybe Linux+ when I get the hang of it.

    anywho. Posting from Fedora Linux partition on my 2nd HDD. Figure I might as well start somewhere.

    In case you're curious, yes I mostly missed networking questions pretty much same as last time.

    Well good luck to everyone out there trying to get the A+ Cert. and Happy V-Day
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