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Thread: Tweak an Internet connectivity Problem???

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    Tweak an Internet connectivity Problem???

    Love this forum!! I'll *TRY* and be brief and to the point:

    When I download large multipart files (movies, applications, etc) using my download manager (Internet Download Manager - IDM) all goes well for most of the download at a good speed. Then it starts "hitching" - brief moments of no transfer (connectivity?) then resumes back to full speed. Often, however, connectivity stops alltogether and permanently (no auto restart) on all downloading files. The repair is to "disconnect" from my wireless connection (D-Link router & DWA-140 wireless USB adapter) and immediately "reconnect" and restart the download. ALl of this is an intermittent problem. I do notice that during such high speed downloads the "signal strength" indicator from the router drops a couple of bars.

    I have my download manager set to a limit of five files at once and up to 8 connections per file (for a total of 40 connections at optimal speed).

    I'm running Windows 7 wirelessly from a D-link router (DIR-628) N type

    TWEAKING HISTORY: Before I found this site and forum I could download only at 200KBps. Now after TCP Optimizer and other recommended tweaking I download at up to 2.5 MBps with a routine level of 1.7 MBps. DOing a SpeedTest I find that downstream speed (on a direct connection of course) is up to 20 MBps and upstream at about 3 MBps all of which is well above average for my ISP (Comcast) in this area (North FLorida).

    Soooooo... what do y'all think is causing the intermittent internet disconnects? Only happens from my machine and when I'm download several (more than 3 or so) files at a time using up to 8 connections per file. I did try limiting connections to 4 per file but the problem continued.

    Help is gratefully accepted no matter how little or big!

    Bill Mac

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    make sure you got all the right ports mapped on that route has a great walktroughs on how to do this. Also in your setup page make sure you are allowing wan ping sometimes not allowing wan ping/requests to get through that could cause some drops as well.
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