<b>Go Green Sell or Recycle Your Cell Phone for Cash!!</b><BR><BR>

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Why Should I Sell My Cell Phone?<BR>
If you've got a new Cell Phone or you're about to get one, it's time
to think about what to do with your used Cell Phone. Throwing it away
is bad for the environment, and keeping it in your drawer clutters
your life. The solution? Sell or recycle your Cell Phone! The highest
form of recycling is reuse, so why not sell the Cell Phone so that
someone else can use it?<BR><BR>
Why Should I Sell Cell Phones to Gazelle Now?<BR>
Gazelle is the easiest and quickest solution to sell Cell Phones and
other electronics. We take the hassle out of selling used Cell Phones
by providing free shipping, a guaranteed price, and great customer
service. The time is now, because the value of a used Cell Phone
declines over time, so the sooner you lock in a price the better.
What Do You Do With My Used Cell Phone? <BR>
Once we receive your used Cell Phone, we inspect it, erase all
personal data, and determine its condition. If we determine it has
useful life, we will sell your Cell Phone through a variety of outlets
to someone who will use it. If it has no market value, we will recycle
your Cell Phone responsibly. <BR><BR>
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