My setup is a 1 gig athalon tbird on tha asus a7v motherboard with 512 mb pc133 ram running win2k pro. I have a 786 sdsl line that I get 640 up and down consistantly with. Now, people always get great pings on my server. Anywhere from 30's to 250's for the 56kers. I know bandwith is not a problem for me cause I have it set to 18 max players. However, my comp gets serious conection problems from time to time, and drops people left and right. I know the lynksis router has a workaround because it is a issue with them, but netgear has not admitted it has the same problem. Can anyone here suggest a workaround for this with the netgear router? I have the latest firmware installed and the server ran great for about a week. Then it started up again with connection problems to the clients. It's soo annoying to think you finally figured out the problem and all of a sudden it goes right back to doing the same thing. Also, would the win2k tweak help with how my computer handles the packets it sends?