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Thread: Cisco VPN client how to configure it to be used with SOHO routers

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    Cisco VPN client how to configure it to be used with SOHO routers


    I have got different clients with different SOHO routers on sites (Netgear , Linksys, SnapGear,,,,etc)

    All those clients use VPN IPSec .

    As you know that those routers has many entries :

    Tunnel name

    key lifetime

    Preshared Secret

    Phase 1 proposal

    Phase 2 Proposal ,,,,,etc

    I am trying to familiarize myself to use different VPN clients (a piece of software ) , that will be installed on clients’ laptops to access their work network from home

    I came across a problem with Cisco VPN client V5.0.06 I could not find all the above entries.

    I know Cisco devices are proprietary , does that mean cisco vpn client is not compatible with those router ?


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    I haven't worked with the Cisco VPNs in a while, but with their client, you would export a config file from the appliance, and import it into the software client. Same with Sonicwalls.

    For remote users and "road warriors"....IPSec VPN is becoming less and less used, with the much more simple to deploy and support SSL VPN. All done via a browser interface.

    There were some generic IPSec VPN clients, such as Greenbow, which you could wrestle with and get to work across various brand appliances, but usually with each vendors product, their specific software client was tuned to work with just their product.
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    Thanks moderator for this clarification

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