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Thread: modem, router help, please

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    modem, router help, please

    I'll provide as much detail as I can to help you understand my dilemma. I currently run a cable modem, Arris CM450A, into my Linksys, BEFSR41, 4 port wired router (6+ years old) that runs to a Netgear 16 port hub via a crossover cable into one of the ports. Tried a straight through cable to the uplink port and that doesn't work. I've also got a Belkin access point for wireless access in my home that I'm unable to access to secure that is plugged into the Netgear hub. I also have a 5-port Linksys hub about 20 feet from the 16-port Netgear hub that supplies my media center.

    The problem I'm having is that I have to reset the modem and router at least once a day to be able to access the Internet. Of course it always goes out in the middle of my daughter taking one of her tests for her online classes. My
    ISP has determined the culprit to be the Linksys wired router. When it's working it works great!

    The instructions in the Belkin F5D7231-4 wireless router manual state to connect the computer that is going to be used for setting up the wireless router directly to the modem. I've run a cat five cable from my computer to the modem but get a limited or no connectivity message. I try to connect to the Internet and get unable to connect message. The cable is a known good working cable. I've unplugged the modem to reset it as well as turned the computer off and turned it back on. How do I get the computer working when it's connected directly to the cable modem?

    What I plan on doing once I can get the above task accomplished is connect the modem to the Belkin wireless router which will be about 40' away via a straight through cat5 cable from the WAN port on the modem to the WAN port on the Belkin wireless router (model F5D-7231-4). Then I plan on running a straight through cat 5 cable from the Belkin wireless router to the Netgear 16 port hub that will have 4 desktop computers plugged into it along with a networked printer. Also plugged into the Netgear router will be a 5 port hub 20feet away that will have an Xbox’s (original), PS3, Wii and a multimedia pc hooked up to my TV. All cables and hubs are in place and currently work with my current setup (modem, Linksys router, 16 port Netgear hub, 4-port Belkin wireless access point and 5 port Linksys hub (by the TV). Again like I stated the reason for the change is the constant resets of the router and modem. The ISP has tested the modem and it is good. By using the NEW Belkin wireless router I will eliminate the "defective" Linksys router and unsecured Belkin access point.

    One problem I did have was on my first attempt to set up the Belkin wireless router it said it was installed but I was unable to connect to the Internet. I tried another wireless router (don't recall the manufacturer) and got the same result.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA Pete
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    I hate belkin for that thoguh beeen there done that. There is a security code you have to enter the numbers/letters are at the bottom of the device once that is there it should work.

    I admit those belkins are trickey gettting it synced up right.

    insted of using a second router maybe consider a switch for the xbox ps3 and wii cause that is just causing one huge bottle neck with two routers and hubs.

    If the gamming router has the option to turn of nat then just use the router then.
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